"The Moon Sea #4", Oil on 12" round wood panel


"The Moon Sea #4", Oil on 12" round wood panel


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Imagine yourself in a ship, the only source of light is the round window in your room. Take a step closer, what do you see? Now step back and sit on your bed, does your window look a bit like the moon in your otherwise dark room?

That's my dream that inspired "The Moon Sea" series :)

My paintings are created with an intention to transform your environment into a peaceful sanctuary where you can find the rest and calm you’re looking for. 

  • The Natural Fractals of this painting, artistically rendered and simplified, are scientifically proven to decrease stress.

  • The simplicity of the composition and soft, calming colors make these paintings a great fit for virtually any decor.

  • The panels are 12" in diameter, the sides of the panel is 0.75" deep and have raw natural wood color, that matches perfectly to the image.

  • Ready to hang, framing is not required.

  • Certificate of Authenticity is included with each painting.