"Foam Dancers", Oil on linen, 30"x24"

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"Foam Dancers", Oil on linen, 30"x24"


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When the sun is just in a right place and the ocean water is clear, you can see these breathtaking reflections of a sea foam on a wet sand. They are flickering, constantly changing their shape and place. It is almost like you are watching little ballerinas performing some extraordinary complicated and magical dance for you!

A little secret: if you look closer, you might see those dancers circling around on the wet sand :)


My paintings are created with an intention to transform your environment into a peaceful sanctuary where you can find the rest and calm you’re looking for. 


  • The Natural Fractals of this painting, artistically rendered and simplified, are scientifically proven to decrease stress.

  • The simplicity of the composition and soft, calming colors make this painting a great fit for virtually any decor.

  • The sides are 3/4" deep and are painted to match the image.

  • Ready to hang, framing is not required.