"Oceans on Plastic" is a series of works that are just that, Ocean painted on recycled plastic canvas.

Why I paint on RECYCLED plastic

You may be thinking that plastic is not something I would ever want to touch if I claim to love the ocean, but bear with me for a minute.

Let me take you back in time when I lived near the beach in Miami, FL. The water there was so clear and beautiful! But in the morning, before the cleaning tractor came in, the beach was covered with trash, mostly plastic water bottles, bags, toys, utensils, plates, couple sunglasses, you get the idea. By then I was beginning to paint this beautiful clean water and was deeply disturbed to find out that most of that plastic eventually ends up in the ocean. 

Then we moved to California, where I was introduced to the concept of recycling. We had 3 trash cans: huge compost and recycle bins, and a tiny one for unusable trash. It gave me a glimpse of hope: people do care and there’s something that can be done about it.

What do they do with all that recycled plastic? It can be transformed into all kinds of things! People make bottles, toys, building materials, and even fabric! So partnered with a company that that produces a superb quality canvas made out of recycled plastic. I started painting the ocean on the very thing that threatens its purity.

Making bottles out of recycled plastic is great! But guess where it will end up after one or two uses? Back in the ocean. And as far as I know, it is harder, if not impossible to recycle that plastic again. A painting however, will most likely be kept for years, concealing the plastic in something beautiful and lasting instead of yet another single use plastic bottle with the lifespan of 12 min.

I paint Oceans on Plastic to raise awareness of the huge plastic pollution problem we are facing and to inspire people to use less plastic in their lives. Because if we don’t act now, the only clear water that our grandchildren ever see will be one of my paintings.