The ocean gives us so much! Its calm power inspires us and makes us better humans. The ocean is a source of oxygen, food and entertainment. The very life on Earth began in the ocean! It is only fair to give something back. 


Our modern world has produced an unbelievable amount of plastic products, most of which are a single use items like plastic bags, cups, straws, utensils, water bottles and such. Think about this:

Americans use half a million plastic bags every MINUTE and 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour

To use something once that takes thousands of years to decompose just doesn't make any sense. 

Most of this plastic eventually ends up in the ocean where it harms millions of marine creatures, releases chemicals such as BPA, poisons the water & the animals that accidentally mistake it for food. Not to mention that it affects our own health as we consume sea food and swim in the poisoned water. 

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! 

The way things are right now, it might be just the right time for us all to find some ways to reverse this process. No one person can do this alone.

What CAN we do?

You have probably heard how much damage plastic brings to our oceans. You also must have heard a thing or two about not using plastic. "Ban the bag", "Zero waste", "Stop Sucking" are just a few popular slogans i constantly see in the internet. And those are all very romantic. I admire people who can stop using plastic completely, live in a tree house, grow all of their food and have a 100% natural wild life. But they are few and far between. 

As for most of us, zero waste is just not an option. That kind of life requires tremendous amount of time and energy for replacing all the plastic products in our life, because unfortunately our society is just not set up for it yet. Therefore, when someone confronts us with a request to stop using plastic, we either feel a lot of guilt, or close our eyes on the issue all together because it makes us too stressed out. 

Here's the thing: even those who claim to be "zero waste" are exaggerating to say the least. If they post online, they at least use some sort of electronic device and internet, which involves a lot of plastic stuff. They probably also drive a car, fly in planes and use electricity. They have regular houses and buy at least part of their food and clothing in the store. Simply put, even they are not Zero waste. They are simply trying to use less plastic. They have the time for it, because for the most of them it's their business. 

I don't think that everyone should, or anyone can have a zero plastic life. But can we still make an impact? Absolutely! Without any stress or shame involved, we can live our busy lives using our convenient plastic products, but a bit less. By simply being aware of an issue and skipping or replacing some plastic items here and there we can make a difference.